Subscription Update Spring '24 - FAQ

Please note: This article is relevant for users who purchased a Veo subscription plan prior to October 10, 2023.

You’ve probably seen it in your Veo Clubhouse already. We’ve introduced a new user interface, making it more logical and apparent where to find an overview of your recordings, teams, and Veo Cams.

Apart from changes in the design of your Clubhouse, we are introducing some changes in the way we process and manage your subscriptions. These changes are part of a complete overhaul of our systems to give you a better Veo experience.

You might be wondering how all this might affect you, so no worries; with this FAQ, we aim to answer your questions:

Check this glossary, it will help you better understand some terms you might see in the questions:

Term Meaning
Clubhouse A Clubhouse is the place where you can manage your recordings, create and manage teams, invite members, and manage your subscription.
Subscription tier Refers to your Editor subscription (Starter, Family, Team, Club, Club+, or Enterprise.)
Subscription add-on Refers to the Veo Live and Analytics you can add to your subscription package.
Subscription length Refers to the billing period of your subscription (monthly, six months, one year, two years)

What is changing, and why are you making these changes?

The changes are part of a complete overhaul of our systems to give you a better Veo experience. With them, we’re happy to introduce self-service features where you can manage your subscriptions and add-ons. Once you update your payment information, you will be able to:

  • Have a good overview of your available recording hours.
  • Update your payment information and/or method.
  • View your invoice history.
  • Buy add-ons.
  • Buy Veo Cams and accessories from your Veo account.
  • ...and in the close future -upgrade your subscription

Additionally, we are changing the way your subscriptions are managed. Previously, all subscriptions and subscription add-ons in your Clubhouse were separate; now, we are merging all your subscriptions into one subscription package. This means you won't have to worry about managing different subscriptions or keeping track of separate payments.

I don’t see the Plan and Billing page; what must I do?
To access the new ‘Plan and billing’ page and get access to the overview self-service, we ask you to enter or update your payment information. Go to and follow the indications in the Yellow pop-up. This will allow us to move you to the new system, giving you access to all the benefits. It's important to note that only Clubhouse admins have the option to see and access the Plan and billing page. Existing customers will be transitioned to the new systems in groups. If the Plan and Billing page is not visible to you, it's likely that your migration has not happened just yet.
Why do I need to provide my credit card number? Will you charge me again?
We require your credit card information to ensure accuracy and avoid potential errors. Additionally, we need to reauthorize your subscription, which may incur a nominal fee of up to 1 EUR. However, you will only be charged for your plans upon your renewal date.
I see an extra charge on my Bank account; what should I do?

You might see a transaction in your account for up to 1 EUR to authorize the system's transition. Apart from this, you shouldn’t see any extra fee related to these changes; if you do, please contact Support for further assistance.

I don’t want my plan to auto-renew; what can I do?
All our subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel your subscription. If you wish to cancel, get in touch with our Support team.
Can I cancel/pause my subscription?
A subscription can’t be paused; contact Veo’s support team for further assistance if you wish to cancel your subscription.
Can I have different subscription tiers in my clubhouse?
No, there can only be one subscription tier within a Clubhouse. If you need different subscription tiers for different Veo Cams, you must create separate Clubhouses. Learn how to do it here How to create a New Clubhouse.
I used to have two different subscription tiers, and I still want to have it that way. Is there anything I can do?
If you want to have Veo Cams with different subscription tiers, you must create new Clubhouses.
After creating the Clubhouse and purchasing the subscription tier you need for the new Clubhouse, please contact Support for further assistance.
Do all Veo Cams need the same subscription tier and add-ons within a Clubhouse?
Yes, all the Veo Cams under a single Clubhouse must be under the same subscription package. If you need different subscriptions for different Veo Cams, you must create separate Clubhouses. Learn how to do it here How to create a New Clubhouse.
My subscriptions had different payment dates; what will be the new payment date?
If you have multiple Veo subscriptions and your payment dates diverge, we’ll align the due dates so the entire club has one payment date. The payment date will be based on the earliest upcomming payment date within your clubhouse. In practice, we will apply a credit note to your account that will cover the remaining balance of the subscription, which has a later payment date, and this credit note will apply as a discount on your next billing.
I don’t want to pay for all my subscriptions on the same date; what can I do?
If you wish to pay for your subscriptions separately on different dates, you must create separate Clubhouses. Learn how to do it here How to create a New Clubhouse
Can I have multiple payment methods and payment admins within my Clubhouse?
No, there can only be one payment method and one payment admin per Clubhouse. If you want to use different payment methods and have different payment admins, you must create separate Clubhouses.
Why is the frequency of my billing period different now?
If you have multiple Veo subscriptions with diverging lengths (e.g., six and 12 months subscriptions), we’ll align so the entire club has the same subscription length. In practice, we’re adjusting to the subscription(s) with the longest run-time. This way, you’ll get the greatest value from your Veo subscription.
How many Clubhouses can I create?
You can create up to 80 Clubhouses.
What are the progress bars under the Plan and billing view?
Once you have access to the Plan and Billing page, under Plan and Usage, you will see three different bars, one for teams, one for users, and one for Recording hours. These bars allow you to see how much you have used and how much you have left. The number of available teams, users, and recording hours varies depending on your subscription tier, you can learn more here.

We hope this FAQ answers your questions. Should you have any further inquiries or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated Support team.

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