How to register your Veo Cam 2 to your Clubhouse


This article provides the steps to register your Veo Cam 2 to your Veo Clubhouse to start recording and uploading your games.



Registration checklist.

  • You are a Clubhouse Admin.
  • You have purchased a Veo Subscription plan for the camera.
  • You have the Veo Camera app installed on your device (available for iOS and Android).
  • You have your Veo Cam 2 at hand.

Keep in mind before registering.

If this is the very first time registering your Veo Cam, note that your subscription plan will be activated once you register your camera, so if you don’t wish to activate your plan just yet, wait and register your camera at a later time.



First of all, ensure Bluetooth and location are enabled on your mobile device.

To register your Veo Cam, follow these steps:


iOS Android
  1. Open the Veo Camera app and sign in with your Veo credentials.
    sign in iOS.png
  2. Make sure your Veo Cam is turned on. Once the app detects it, it will be shown on your screen. Click on it to connect.
    Connecting for the first time iOS.png
  3. The Veo app will identify if the camera isn’t registered yet, and it will display a list of the Club’s you’re a part of. You will also see which clubhouse has available space to register the camera (valid subscription).
    Select the Clubhouse where you want to register the camera and confirm.


    Needs registration.pngSelect Clubhouse to register.png
    When a camera gets registered to a Clubhouse, it will be locked to that Clubhouse and can not be moved/unregistered for 30 days. So, if you are part of more than one Clubhouse, make sure you are registering your camera to the correct one.

    If you purchased your camera and subscription before October 10, 2023, there’s a high chance you will not see “available seats”, no worries! Simply select the club you want to register the camera. As long as the Clubhouse has a valid subscription, you should be fine.

    Select Club to register ios.png

  4. The Veo Cam will be registered, and you will see a confirmation message on your screen.

    Registration successful.png




If you have not registered your camera yet, you will be able to record matches, but it will not be possible to upload them to the platform or Livestream until the camera is registered.

We highly recommend that you do a test recording to get started.

All the games you record will be automatically uploaded to your club’s page.


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