About Abilities and how to manage them in your Player Profile

This article explains what abilities are in your Player Profile and how to manage them to display your best moments in the profile.


Abilities is your way of showing the world your strong sides and is where you can add the highlights you want to showcase in your Player Profile.


When you are setting up your Player Profile for the first time, we will suggest some popular abilities based on the position you select. For example, we might suggest Interceptions, Vision, Ball control, and Strenght to a Defensive Midfielder.




If you are happy with the popular suggestions we offer, you can keep them to start adding highlights to your abilities.

But, if you would like to showcase other abilities, follow these steps to change the abilities on your Player Profile:



  1. From the main page of your Player Profile, go to Edit Profile at the top right corner for desktop and bottom right corner for mobile. Edit_profile.png
  2. Now select Abilities and Manage Abilities.manage_abilities.png
  3. From the Abilities menu, unselect abilities you don't want to show in your profile and select the ones you want to display, and add highlights to. You can select up to 4 abilities.
  4. Lastly, save and close.

Now, you can assign your highlights to the abilities you want. Remember, you can add a highlight to more than one ability.


After adding highlights to your abilities, make sure your best moments are shown first. You can change the order of the highlights for each ability using simple drag-and-drop.




Your Abilities and the highlights you add to them are always public and visible on your profile.

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