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Do I need to be tagged in a highlight to add it to my Player Profile?
No, with the new Player Profile you don't need to be tagged in a highlight to add it to your profile. You can add any rendered highlight (that is visible to you as a Player), and the match needs to be Public. If you don't know if the match is public or private, we recommend asking your coach about it.
How many highlights can I add to an Ability?
You can add a maximum of 40 highlights to each Ability (and to Main Highlights).
Why is there a max of 40 highlight within an Ability?
Abilities are meant to only contain your top highlights - not all highlights. This makes it easier to always present only the best version of you to the world. If you want to save more highlights for yourself to view, you can always just add it to your profile without assigning it to an ability. This allows you to watch in on demand from Highlights tab whenever you feel like it, without having to showcase it publicly in your profile.
Can I download my highlights or my list of highlights within an Ability?
This is not possible at the moment. But it is something we are working on implementing.
Can I remove the “Main Highlights” from the main page of my Player Profile to make room for an extra ability?
No. The “Main Highlights” are fixed and meant to be the place where you can share whatever you find relevant without it having to fit to an Ability. The number of Abilities will be capped at a maximum of 4.
How do I share my profile with a recruiter/scout?
To share your profile with recruiters/scouts simply copy the URL and send the link to them.
Can I make my profile private?
Profiles are public by default, so every highlight you assign to an Ability will be shown to everyone you share the profile with. If you want to save a highlight just for yourself to rewatch at a later point, you can add it to your Profile from the Editor and simply rewatch it through the “Highlights” tab.
Can I see who or how many people has seen my profile?
This is not something we support right now, but we are considering how we might implement this in the future.
Why do I not have a link to the Player Profiles in the “Menu” of my Veo account?
Player Profiles are only built for players, the link to Player Profiles will only be visible to you if have the role “Player” within at least one team.
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