Veo Cam 2 indicator lights


This article will provide you with a guide on what the different indicator lights mean and what action your Veo Cam 2 is performing based on them.




To view the new indicator lights, ensure your camera is running on firmware version 1.6.3 or newer. See how to check your camera's firmware version here.

The lights on the back of your Veo Cam 2 help you understand the camera status.


Find below what action your camera is performing based on the light’s behavior.


Camera status

Booting: The camera is turning on/off. Wait until the LEDs are solid, then the camera is ready.


Ready for input: The camera is ready. Open the Veo Camera app to live-stream or record.


Busy: The camera is recording, live-streaming, uploading, or updating.


Error: The camera didn't boot properly, and it's experiencing an error. Please restart your Veo Cam 2 by pressing the power button for 15 seconds.


Battery dead indication: The camera is fully discharged and doesn't have enough battery to turn on. Plug the camera to charge and leave it for some time. Try again later.

VC3 battery dead indication compressed.gif


Battery status

Take a look at the table below to see the various battery levels represented by the last 3 camera lights. This handy reference will help you stay on top of your battery usage and avoid any unexpected shutdowns.

Three solid lights 67-100% battery level
Two solid lights 33 - 67% battery level
One solid light 8 - 33% battery level
One light blinking fast 0 - 8% battery level
Three solid lights 97-100% Charging
Two solid lights, one light pulsing 67 - 97 % Charging
One solid light, one light pulsing 33 - 67 % Charging
One light pulsing 0 - 33 % Charging


This overview will help you understand what action the Veo Cam 2 is performing at any moment.

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