Best practices for recording with Veo Cam 2.

This article provides you with some guidelines to follow when recording with Veo Cam 2 to get better results out of your recordings.


Besides the guidelines in the article Set up for recording make sure to follow these recommendations to get the best video results but also to improve the performance of analytics features (for Veo Analytics users):


1. Avoid direct light hitting the camera lenses. Always make sure to position the camera, so the sunlight hits it from the back.


2. Start your recording only after the camera has been placed in the correct position (tripod at the maximum height and aligned with the centerline). Starting a recording and then changing the camera's position can cause the AI to have difficulty selecting corners and following the ball, resulting in bad-quality videos.


3. Always remember to stop the recording once your match is over.


4. If you're planning to record multiple games, at a tournament, for example,  avoid recording more than 1 game on a single recording. We strongly suggest you hit the stop button after each game and start a new recording for every new game. Keep in mind recordings can't be trimmed in the platform.

This is especially important since the system might reject recordings longer than 8 hours due to their size. Having more than one game in a recording can also impact the accuracy of AI features, like automatic highlights and Veo Analytics, and lastly makes it difficult to assign recordings to the correct teams.


Always keep these recommendations in mind when recording with your Veo Cam to get good video results.

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