How to add basic and key information to your Player Profile

In this article, you will learn how to add your key information to your Player Profile.


Requirements: Player Profile is available for users with a player role only.


The information on your Player Profile makes it easier for recruiters to decide if they want to follow you further.

When you first set up your profile, most of your Player Profile will be empty. Here’s how you can get your profile looking great in no time.

Player Profile new.png


  1. Start out by uploading a Profile Picture by clicking Edit profile image. After uploading the image, use the cropper feature to make sure you’re in focus.

    upload picture player profile.png


  2. Next, edit your About me section, which contains the most basic information about you. Here you can add:

    • First and Last name
    • Jersey Number
    • A short text bio (max 800 characters)
    • Links to your social media accounts (Instagram, X, TikTok and Facebook)Information Player Profile.png


  3. Now it’s time to edit your Key Information. Click the Edit Key Information button to add the following data points to your profile:

    • Height and Weight.
    • Age (by adding your date of birth)
    • Strong foot
    • GPA (relevant for US-based Players)
    • Graduation Year (relevant for US-based Players)


  4. Finally, update your positions and play style on the position map by clicking Edit Positions and Play Style.

    From here, you can pick up to three positions. Keep in mind they're listed like a ladder. So, your top position is the one you're best at.

    We will also suggest you different Play Styles common for your #1 position. Select the one that applies to you.

    positions map.png

And that’s it. Your Player Profile is now filled with your data and key information. Scouts will love this!

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