How to update your payment method for subscription renewals.

This article shows you how to update your payment information to renew your subscriptions.


Requirements: to update the payment method, you must be a Club Admin.


If you need to change the credit card because it is expiring, is getting over the limit, or you simply want to use a different one, follow these steps:


1. First, log in to your Veo account at


2. Go to the left-sided menu bar and click on Veo Cams.


3. In there, you will find the option Manage Credit cards, click on it.


4. Here, you will see the last 4 digits of the current credit card.


5. Click on edit to get instructions on how to make the change.


Do you want to renew via Bank Transfer instead?


You can request an invoice from our Support team following the next steps:


1. Click on Submit a request on our Support Site.

2. Select Subscriptions from the dropdown menu.

3. Now select Request Invoice and provide all the requested details.

4. Our team will get back to you with the requested invoice.

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