About Veo Subscriptions and subscription add-ons.


In this article, you will learn about the subscriptions you can have with your Veo Cam.


There are 3 different subscriptions that you can have for your Veo Cam:


Veo Editor: this is the primary and required subscription that gives you access to the Veo Editor. There are 4 different plans you can choose from (Starter, Team, Club, and Enterprise); you can learn more about the different Veo Editor subscription plans in this article Veo subscription plans


Veo Analytics: This subscription add-on gives you access to all the analytics features we have developed for football games. You can learn more about it here; Analyze your games with Veo Analytics. This add-on is compatible with Veo Cam 1 and Veo Cam 2, but not available for the Starter subscription.


Veo Live: With this subscription add-on, you can live stream your football games. To learn more about it, visit this Veo Live-Streaming add on subscription article. This add-on is compatible only with Veo Cam 2, and it's not available for the Starter subscription.


Note: All subscriptions under your Clubhouse must have the same subscription and subscription add-ons.

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