New Veo Analytics FAQ

This article responds to some questions you might have about the new Veo Analytics.




Subscription related questions


What does the new Analytics subscription cost?

To see prices, visit the shop.


Why is the Analytics add-on subscription more expensive now?

We’ve added new features to the Analytics package– with more to come in 2023 – which comes both with added value to the product but also requires more power to process games. This is reflected in the higher price.


Can I keep my ‘old’ analytics subscription (and not pay for the new one)?

No. Once we release all the new Analytics features, all existing customers will be upgraded. You can, of course, cancel your subscription, so you are not up for renewal or cancel your Analytics subscription within the trial period.


When will the new Analytics features be available on my recordings?

With an active Analytics subscription, everything that is uploaded and processed on the Veo platform after January 5th, 2023, will have the new Analytics features.


I have multiple cameras. Can I buy Analytics only for 1?

No, the Analytics add-ons you purchase have to match the number of cameras your club owns.



Product related questions


Can my old recording be processed with the new Analytics features?

Currently no.


What sports are Analytics available for?

The Analytics features are available for football/soccer only.


Will Analytics show for every upload?

Yes, Analytics will be applied to all uploaded games when your Analytics subscription is active.


How long does it take before I can see Analytics on my games?

The Analytics features will be applied at the same time as the game is processed on the platform. When the game is ready to watch, so will be the Analytics features (currently 6-8 hours).


Who can see the Analytics?

The Analytics features are available for all users with access to the game.


Can I download recordings with the Analytics features?

No, downloaded matches will not include the Analytics.

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