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This article gives you an overview of all the Analytics features.



Requirements: Veo Analytics add-on subscription.



Veo Analytics is available for outdoor football games only.


Keeping track of what an individual player - or even the team as a whole- is doing right or wrong can be challenging.


Veo Analytics helps you capture match statistics at scale and save hours on analyzing and qualifying your match data.


Automatically capturing match statistics means more time available to turn them into powerful insights.


With Veo Analytics, you get access to the following features:


Scoreboards: with scoreboards, your games on the Veo platform will display the score and timer of the game. No more guessing about what team is winning or when the game is about to end.

Learn more here About Scoreboard - Veo Analytics


2D map: get a visual representation of the players in a top radar view. The 2D map shows the players' and referees' positions in real-time, giving you a better overview of what’s happening on the entire pitch.


Learn more here About 2D map - Veo Analytics


Match momentum: this graph helps you get an overview of situations in the game where you are in attack or are being pushed back by the opponent. In other words, it visualizes your team's struggle for domination.


Learn more here About Match momentum - Veo Analytics


Heatmaps: with heatmaps, visualize the average position of the players and the action during the game.


Learn more here About Heatmaps - Veo Analytics


Match stats: All highlights in your recording will be counted, collected, and graphically presented in a list in the Highlights panel.


Learn more here About Match stats - Veo Analytics


Shot map: this feature automatically shows where shots happened for each team and which of them were goals.


Learn more here NEW! About Shot map - Veo Analytics


Pass strings: this feature automatically shows how many continuous passes happened for each team, broken down by the number of passes in the string.


Learn more here NEW! About Pass strings - Veo Analytics


Pass location: this feature automatically shows where successful passes happened for each team broken down by pitch location.


Learn more here NEW! About Pass location - Veo Analytics


Analytics studio: We gather the data from all your Veo recordings into a collection of features that will provide context and correlational match outcomes understanding.

The Analytics Studio comes with Key Metrics, a Progression Chart, Game Maps, and a comparison tool.

Learn more here NEW! About Analytics Studio - Veo Analytics


With an active Analytics add-on subscription, all recorded games will have the Veo Analytics features available 8 hours after they are uploaded to the Veo platform.


Veo Analytics works with Veo Cam 1 and Veo Cam 2 recordings.


Visit this article to learn how to enable Veo Analytics for your games:

How to confirm sides and periods for Veo Analytics

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