How to confirm sides and periods for Veo Analytics


This article shows you how to confirm sides and periods to enable Veo Analytics on your games.


With an active Analytics add-on subscription, all your recorded football games will have the Veo Analytics features available 8 hours after they are uploaded to the Veo platform.


Confirmed periods and sides of the pitch are essential for Veo Analytics to work.


When your video gets uploaded to the platform, Veo will automatically pick which side of the field your team started on.

You can easily edit sides and periods if needed. Follow the next steps:


1. On the Veo Editor, go to the Analytics tab on the side menu bar.


2. Click on the Sides icon.



3. Make sure the teams are assigned to the correct side of the field and edit the length of each period if necessary. You can add periods as well.




4. Click to confirm.


Once you confirm the match periods, all the Veo Analytics features will be available on the recording.


It is important to notice Veo Analytics is available for football games only.


Visit this article to learn how to add the Veo Analytics add-on subscription to your account.

Add Veo Analytics to your subscription

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