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This article shows you all you need to know about Match stats.



Requirements: Veo Analytics add-on subscription.


Match statistics is a table that displays how many events each team had during the match, plus any custom tags you create.

All highlights in your recording will be counted, collected, and graphically presented.



Veo Stats are generated in two ways: automatically through our AI and from the tags used in the highlights you create.

When you are creating Highlights, make sure to indicate which team the highlight is for to ensure the correct count.


Confirmed periods and sides of the pitch are essential for Match stats to work.

Learn how to do it here

How to confirm sides and periods for Veo Analytics

  • You will find the match stats table inside the Analytics section.


  • You can choose whether to see the Stats for the entire game or by period.
  • You can choose what stats you want to see on the table by going to edit rows, then select/unselect options as you wish. You need to be an editor for this.
  • Match stats are available on desktop and mobile.

With Analytics 2.0, Match stats also include:

  • Possession % (Total team possession (passing and dribbling) of the ball, shown as a percentage.)
  • Possession minutes (Total team possession (passing and dribbling) of the ball shown in minutes.)**
  • Possession won (Number of times a team regained possession of the ball in open play.)
  • Passes completed (Number of passes a team successfully made.)

**When you look at possession minutes, you might be wondering - Why is possession minutes so low in comparison to the match's actual duration? it was a 90 min game; therefore, the possession minutes total should be close to that! - But actually, it works differently.

At pro level, each player should expect between 2-3 mins of time on the ball. Total!


Actually, according to a FIFA article, "On average, a player is in possession of the ball for a total of one minute and 49 seconds over the course of 90 minutes."

You can read the complete article here


Our possession minutes stat is also impacted if there are many stops/starts, contested balls, etc, in your game.

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