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This article shows you all you need to know about Heatmaps and how to use them.



Requirements: Veo Analytics add-on subscription.


Heatmaps help you understand your team's positioning over time. Look for overall trends in your play.

The redder the heat map gets - the higher the concentration of play is in that area.



Confirmed periods and sides of the pitch are essential for Heatmap to work.

Learn how to do it here

How to confirm sides and periods for Veo Analytics


  • You will find the heatmap inside the Analytics section.



  • From the heatmap menu, you can select the match period and team you want to see.


  • On the slider, choose an interval to generate a heat map for a period of time. Choose an interval of interest, e.g., just before a key highlight, to understand the reasoning behind it.
  • Heatmaps is available on desktop and mobile.
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