How to use the Producer Panel on Veo Live

Read this article to learn how to add the clock, scores, and Moments to your Live match using the Producer Panel in Veo Live.



Requirements: to use the Producer Panel, you need admin or editor permissions within your team.


The Producer Panel allows you to provide updates to fans watching your live matches. By adding the clock, scores, and Moments, anyone watching the game will know exactly what’s going on. No more guessing about what team is winning or when the game is about to end.



To use the Producer Panel, log in to the Veo Live app and find the match that you want to work with. Remember you need to be admin or editor to see the panel.

Then follow these steps:


How to add the clock with the Producer panel:

  1. In the Producer Panel, tap Clock, and at kick-off, tap on Start.
  2. For half-time, tap again on Clock and Stop.
  3. To restart the clock for the second half, tap on Clock, and manually set it to whatever the second half should start from. In lots of cases, this is 45:00, and tap on Start.
  4. Lastly, tap Clock and Stop when the match finishes.


How to update the score with the Producer Panel:

  1. Once a team scores a goal, tap Score.
  2. Add the goal to the team and tap Update.
  3. The goal will be reflected on the scoreboard at the top left corner.


How to add Moments with the Producer Panel:

**Moments will be available for iOS only; make sure your Live app is running on version 1.6.6.

If, during the live match, you find any moment that is worth highlighting for fans to watch, you can add them to the match events using the Moment option in the Producer Panel.

  1. When something exciting happens in the game, tap Moment in the panel.
  2. Tap on Update to add the clip to the match's Moments.
  3. We will take 15 seconds before the action happens, and 5 seconds after it happens and create a clip of that moment that will be added to the Events feature in the Producer Panel.


If you’re controlling the Producer Panel and you are at the pitch, wait until the action happens on the live stream (in the Veo Live app) before updating scores, the clock, or adding Moments.

We also recommend pausing the stream first and using the skip back and forward buttons to make sure the score updates and moments are as accurate as possible.


All clock updates, scores, and Moment clips you create will be added to the events list in the Producer Panel, and these will be added to the Moments reel to share your match's best bits.


Check this article to learn about the Match Moments and how to share them: 

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