Follow-cam view and Interactive player view in Veo Editor


This article explains how to access the Follow-cam view or Interactive view when watching your Veo recordings.



When watching your Veo recordings, you have two viewing options: Follow-cam view or Interactive player view.


By default, you will land into the Veo video player in the follow-cam view. In this view, the Veo cam automatically follows the ball.


You can change to interactive player view, this view allows you to take control and focus anywhere you want on the pitch so that you can watch your match from a different angle. You can move around and zoom in and out.

In interactive player view, you can also watch your match in panoramic to overview the entire pitch.


Changing views in the Veo video player

To change from the follow-cam view to the interactive player view, simply click on the Interactive player icon (interactive_icon.jpg) in the bottom right corner of the video. You will see the panoramic and interactive icon in the top left corner of the video.



Note: Currently, we do not support Interactive mode on Safari. If you don't see the icon, we recommend using a different internet browser, such as Google Chrome.


To change from the interactive view back to the follow-cam view, just click on the x at the top right corner of the video.




Things to consider when using the interactive player view

1. Interactive mode is available for 90 days since the video is processed in the platform.

2. It is impossible to use shortcuts in this view, only on the follow-cam view. Learn more about shortcuts in this article Basics of Veo Editor video player

3. The timer, scoreboard, and 2D map for Veo Analytics users are not visible in Interactive mode.




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