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This article shows you how to easily gather your notes on a game for your players to see.



With the Editor feature Journal, we give you a space to write down your thoughts about the game and have your team see it. What went wrong? What went super right!?

With no character limit, write down anything that will help your players become the best versions of themselves.


Journal can be used by admins and editors from the team the video is assigned to, and all team members can see the notes.




Timestamps in the Journal

To provide more clarity to your notes, enter a timestamp into the Journal.

To save the timestamp, click outside the Journal box; this will automatically become a bookmark on which readers can click. They will then be taken to that part of the video, which will play from that point... very simple!




Remember, to see and/or use the Journal, you need to be a member of the team to which the video you are watching is assigned to.


Level up your game with Veo Journal!

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