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We’re introducing Veo Analytics, a set of features which can help your post-game analysis. The current set of features include; heatmap, 2D map and a match momentum graph that gives a visual representation on how your team and the opponent team play on the field.

*By the end of January, 2022 Veo Analytics will be extended with match events and statistics.

With just a few clicks you can add Veo Analytics to your account. The add-on plan works for both version of the Veo Cam (1 and 2).

  1. Log-in to

  2. Click on the Menu in the top, right corner

  3. Select my cameras

  4. Click on the Get Veo Analytics button

⚠️ As you see on the picture, if a club has 2 cameras, 2 add-ons will be added to the cart as Veo Analytics is charged on the club level. The features will appear on your first game after the purchase.

We hope you'll find Veo Analytics exciting!

Have more questions on how Veo Analytics works? Take a look at this article:

ℹ️ For customer support, please contact us via the Support Widget in the bottom right corner of your screen. For specific questions about Veo Analytics, choose Veo Analytics from the options.

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