In this article, you can learn about the cool new features we have developed to allow you to analyze your games and make the most out of your recordings. Veo Analytics is available for both Veo Cam 1 and Veo Cam 2. You can purchase this bundle as an add-on subscription. See prices here:

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2D Map

The 2D Map is a visual presentation of the players in a top view. It shows all the players' and referees' positions in real-time. It also shows player positions for the full pitch and not just the current follow-cam direction.

By default, the 2D Map sits in the upper right corner. It can be expanded to fill out the video screen, or it can be hidden for full attention on the video.

When hidden you can always toggle it on by clicking settings and turn it on "Show radar view".

Match Momentum

The match momentum is a new way of navigating your video. It helps you to have an overview of situations in the game where you are in attack or when you are being pushed back by the opponent.

In simple words, it is a visualization of the teams’ struggle for domination.


Heatmap is a way to see the positioning of your players over a period of time. Where the 2D radar view shows the position at one given point in time, heatmap shows the positions in an interval set by the user.

The intervals can be set in one-minute intervals from 1 minute to the full game.

Heatmaps are shown one team at a time and can be picked using the team selector.

Match Events

Currently, the AI is automatically marking:

  • Start half

  • End half

  • Goals

The new match events will be more extensive and will include:

  • Start Half

  • End Half

  • Goals

  • Corner Kicks

  • Penalty Kicks

  • Free Kicks

  • Goal Kicks

  • Shots

AI will also be able to determine whether the ball is out of play, allowing to speed up the playback and only run when the ball is in play.

Match Stats

All highlights will be counted, collected, and graphically presented in a list like shown here.

You can add your own tags to the stats list to be included.

To ensure correct count, Match Stats are based on users' input about which team the highlights are about.


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