Any overall updates that will benefit basketball?

Better camera build quality, but no new features. Basketball customers on a low budget should still buy Veo Cam 1. Basketball customer with a higher budget that wants future proofed tech can buy Veo Cam 2. There are updates for basketball in the Editor

Can the camera film and be in charge at the same time?


Will the camera be able to charge with a power bank?


Can a Bluetooth microphone be connected to the camera?

Not yet. but the built-in microphone is now directional and filter out wind and background noise. They also record in stereo.

Can the wifi be strengthened to use from a centralized location at a facility?

Strengthened the connectivity so it can be used from a central location is technically not possible unless the connectivity happens through the internet. Like on most smart home devices. It is not something that is built-in for now.

How long is the operating time from battery pov?

The camera can record/stream for a minimum of 4 hours, early tests are showing up to 6 hours may be possible

How long is the charging time from battery pov?

The camera will charge to 80% in under 2 hours and be fully charged in under 4 hours.

How does the new camera upload?

To start the camera will need to be connected to Ethernet via an Ethernet to USB-C adapter in order to upload. The objective is to eliminate this and upload via wifi before the end of 2021.

The first cameras will be shipped with the ethernet cable and adapter. But the camera will receive software updates as soon as upload via wifi is ready.

Is the charging of the new camera USB-C?


Can I use the sim card from my cell phone?

Yes, you can choose to use any sim card as long as it has enough data on it

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