Uploading Recordings

  • To connect the camera to ethernet customers will use the USB-C to Ethernet adapter, then plug the Ethernet cable into an outlet where they know there is an internet connection.

  • The camera will, just like the old camera, automatically upload all saved recordings.


  • The camera has a 128G memory card

  • It will steam a minimum of 4 matches (4 x 110 minute recordings)

  • The camera can store a minimum of 4 unstreamed and unprocessed matches (4 x 110 minute recordings)


  • The camera can record/stream continuously for 4 hours, possibly 6

  • The camera will be fully charged in under 4 hours

  • The camera will charge 80% in under 2 hours

  • The camera will be able to record while charging

  • The camera will be able to charge via power-bank

Weather protection

  • The camera can record and stream in temperatures from -10 and 40 degrees Celcius

  • The camera can record and stream in humidity up to 95%

  • The camera is water-resistant (Rating: IP54)


  • Veo Camera 2.0 records with 2 x 4K High Definition lenses, capturing more pixels per frame.

  • Lenses have been upgraded with Hydrophobic Lens covers which removes all moisture from interfering with the picture quality.

Label and verification

  • The camera is certified in Japan, Australia, UK, Canada, US, and Europe

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