In this article, you can learn how to register additional cameras to your club after having already registered the first one.

Here's how to do it

When you already have a Veo account set up, you won't receive an activation email after purchasing additional cameras. All you have to do is register the camera:

1. Turn on your Veo Camera.

2. Charge the camera by plugging in the charger. We recommend charging the camera for at least 4 hours before recording.

3. Connect your Veo camera with the provided Ethernet cable to a wall or router where you are sure there is an internet connection, as shown in the image below:

👉 If you are not sure there is an internet connection, try to connect the same cable to your computer (or laptop) instead of the Veo camera. Please note that you need to switch off the WiFi on your computer or laptop to verify the connection. Now try to access any website in your browser. If it works, it means there is an internet connection.

4. On your smartphone, connect to the WiFi: VEOCAM-xxx

5. Find the password underneath the camera.

6. In your browser, go to

7. Enter your log-in information.

Once you have logged in, your camera will be registered to your account and is ready for recording. All recordings will now automatically be uploaded to your club's page.

👉đŸģ Should you wish to have the camera assigned to a new club, please reach out through the Subscription path in the Support Widget in the bottom right corner.

We hope you found this article useful – enjoy your new camera!

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