In this article, you can learn about the Club Page in our Veo Camera App.

Through this page, you can gain an overview of all the recordings in your club, as well as monitor the journey of a recording all the way from uploading to fully processed.

When you are not connected to a camera, you will see the following sections of the Camera App:

When choosing the Club tab in the bottom center of the screen, you will be asked to sign in to enter the Club Page.

Click on the green button, enter your login details, and you will now see your Club Page:

On the Club Page, you can scroll through the recordings in your club; should you want to watch one, simply click on it and choose View Match in the prompt. A window will now open in your default browser and the recording will play on

You can also change the view to see the recordings currently processing or uploading. Through this feature, you are able to keep track of your recordings, from the moment they have started uploading to when they are fully processed and ready to be watched:


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