In this article, you can learn how to create highlights with our Easy Highlights-feature. This new addition to the Veo Editor allows for an easier, quicker, and smoother experience making highlights and involving your players!

Here's how to do it

To get started, you'll first want to log in to your account at and find the recording in which you wish to make highlights.

Once you have entered the recording, you are ready to make Easy Highlights!

On the right side of the Veo Editor, next to the video player, press +Create and you'll see the Easy Highlights-buttons:

In this panel, you can click on a button to choose the type of highlight you wish to add. When you have chosen the highlight type, you can add a comment and tag your players by typing @ followed by their name. Click Create Highlight (or push the Enter key), and your highlight is now created and shown among the others on the right:

You can also choose the highlight type by clicking on the assigned shortcut key on the keyboard (the underlined letter of each highlight type):

It is possible to create Easy Highlights without comments: when you have chosen a highlight type, simply click on Create or hit the Enter/Return button. The highlight will then be saved without a comment:


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