In this article, you can learn the best tips and tricks for taking care of your camera.

Following these will ensure the optimal performance of your camera and will allow for the longest possible life span of your device.

Here's are the most important guidelines to follow

Always carry your camera in the black flight case

Despite the sturdy look of the camera, it does not take well to knocks or similar.

When a camera is dropped – or otherwise handled without care – the lenses can be pushed out of focus, potentially resulting in blurry lenses.

Therefore, it is very important to always carry the camera in the black flight case as well as handling it with care in general – this will help ensure the optimal performance of your camera.

Keep the camera lenses clean

When handling the camera, fingerprints, dust, or dirt can sometimes end up on the lenses which can result in recordings of lower quality.

To ensure that your recordings have the best image quality possible, it is, thus, very important to keep the lenses clean.

We recommend wiping the lenses regularly with lens wipes, cleaning cloths, or similar.

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