At Veo, we are all about democratizing the access to top-class sports video – giving everyone the chance to have their best moments recorded and to share them.

The perfect way to share your best goals, sickest skills, or your team’s biggest bloopers is by submitting them as a #veomoment to us – we will give you the chance to go viral!

Let's get right into it

First off, you'll need to create a highlight

Creating highlights through the Veo platform is very easily done.

You can see how to do so by clicking on the links below:

Next step: share your #veomoment

You can now share your #veomoment highlights with us for the chance to be featured on our social media accounts, earning visibility and recognition to help you further your career.

Some of the best #veomoment highlights have gotten hundreds of thousands of views on our Instagram page and a few have even been shared to pages with millions of followers – yours could be next!

To share your #veomoment, go to, fill in your information, and submit the highlight – it’s that easy!

To see lots of great highlights and keep track of the latest news from Veo, feel free follow our social media accounts found at the bottom of the page.

We can’t wait to see your #veomoment!

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