The Draw on Screen feature in the Veo video player is a great tool to give a better, more visual feedback to your players. Learn how to do it in this video.

Keep reading for an extended tutorial on how to use the feature and how you can enhance your analysis with this useful tool.


  • You can use these three shapes: arrow, rectangle, and line.

  • Draw on Screen is a part of highlight creation. The option for drawing on screen will appear, when adding new highlights.

  • Draw on Screen highlights are (for now) only possible to be created in the follow-cam (broadcast) view.

  • Drawings do not appear on the download version of the highlight. And the highlights containing drawings can't be downloaded either (for now).

Let's get into it

Let's go through the steps for creating a highlight that involves drawing on screen.

1. Click New Highlight:

2. The highlight editor will open. The Add drawing icon appears in the bottom right corner. Click on it:

3. The Draw on Screen editor will appear as well as an additional pointer in the highlight timeline:

4. Adjust the pointer as it fits you and you're ready to go. Choose the shape and the color you want to apply (arrow is chosen by default) and then click and drag (use the mouse or trackpad) to or around the object:

5. Click the checkmark in the "Draw on Screen" editor to complete the action and save the drawing:

6. The drawing is saved and the pointer will change color:

You can continue adding drawings within the same highlight and then save the highlight when you're done.

The highlight containing drawing(s) will appear in the highlight thread on the right side of the video player with the tag Drawing:

When you play the highlight in the follow-cam view, the video will freeze for a few seconds when there's a drawing and will automatically continue without the drawings after.

👉đŸģ Please note that it is currently not possible to download highlights containing drawings.

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