As a club or team admin in Veo platform (, you have the full flexibility to manage your team(s), with adding and removing members, as well as adjusting their role and permission role. You can also monitor the status of the invitations you've sent out to the new team members.

Add a team member

In every team you create, you'll see the "Add new member" button. Click there and invite a team member, choosing their role and permission role (read more about those here):

Change the role or permission role

As a club or team admin, you can always change the role and permission role for each member. When you're on your team page, you will see three dots menu on the right side of each member row. Click on it and choose Change roles:

A pop-up with options appears. Simply adjust the role and permission role and click Update to confirm:

Check and resend invitations

To make sure your members can leverage from Veo, it's good to make sure they've accepted the invitation. You can now easily see that via the three dots menu and, in case the invite wasn't accepted yet, also resend it.

Navigate to your team page, and click the three dots menu next to the member you would like to check. If you see Resend invitation option, the invitation was not yet accepted:

To trigger the invitation again, click on the Resend invitation option:

Remove member

If you'd like to remove a member, there's an option for that too. In case the member hasn't accepted the invitation yet, this will also retract it.

Click on the three dots next to a team member and choose Remove member:

A notification will pop up. Click Confirm to confirm and the team member will be removed from your team:

A removed team member will no longer have access to the recordings of the team, s/he was removed from.

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