We’ve made some updates in our software and hope that it’ll make your user experience easier when operating the camera. You have these lights if the camera is running on the following software versions:

  • 1.5.0-8
  • 1.5.1-1
  • 1.5.1-2

At the moment the camera indicates actions with two different coloured lights - red and green. With the new update we’ll introduce a white light that’ll help you distinguish actions such as - the camera is uploading, updating to the newest firmware.

The new lighting structure works as follows:

  • 🟢▷TURN ON - Once you turn on the camera, and it’s booting the green light will blink.
  • 🟢IT’S ON - When the camera is turned on but not recording the light will be solid green.
  • 🔴▷TURN OFF - When you press the power button to turn off the camera the light will blink red, once the camera is off there’ll not be any light.
  • 🟢▷RECORD - Once you start the recording on cam.veo.co the light on the camera will blink green.
  • ⚪️CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET - When the camera is connected to the internet with the ethernet cable you’ll see a steady white light.
  • ⚪️▷UPLOADING - Once the connection is secured, the upload will start. When the footage is uploading from the camera the light will blink white.
  • ⚪️▷UPDATING- On regular basis we send software updates to the camera that ensures that high performance. When the cable is connected and the update is installing the light will blink white. Once the update is ready the light will stop blinking.

How to check if the camera updated to the new software version? You'll receive a notification on cam.veo.co when the update is installed.

Feel free to get in touch with us on support@veo.co with any questions or feedback.

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