In this article, you can learn how to share your recordings directly to Facebook and share by link.

Here's how to do it

To get to both these features, the initial steps are the same:

1. Log in to the Veo platform at

2. Choose the recording you wish to share

3. Click on the Share button above the video player

From here, the following window will pop up and you can choose whether you would like to export the recording to Facebook or share it via link.

Sharing the recording to Facebook

From the window above, click on the Facebook icon.

A Facebook tab will now open, allowing you to write a caption, selecting where to share the recording, and more.

🤚đŸģ Please note that it is not possible to share highlights directly to Facebook, only full recordings.

To share the recording via link, click on the Copy link icon.

A new window opens from which you can copy the link.

👉đŸģ When sharing the link, you can choose to include the timecode.

This means that the recording will start at the exact time chosen when the receiver opens the link. Simply tick off the box Include timecode to use this feature.

When the link has been copied, it can be shared with whomever you wish.

👉đŸģ Please note that the recordings must be set as Public when sharing via Facebook and link. Otherwise, viewers won't be able to access the recording.

The share feature can also be accessed as follows:

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video player

2. Choose Share

From here, the process is similar to the one described above.

We hope you found this feature useful!

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