Directed highlights allow you to view and highlight your players' actions from an angle of your choice. You can follow an action of a specific player, create, and download clips from your chosen perspective.


  • Directed highlights are created and visible in the interactive view.

  • This feature is available on the desktop as well as on mobile.

  • After rendering, directed highlights are also downloadable.

  • Once the highlight is saved, it is not editable (this option will be enabled in the future).

  • The feature works best in the Chrome browser.

Let's get into it

1. Click on the New Highlight button in the upper right corner of the page and choose Interactive, when the highlight editor opens:

2. Below the video, the highlight timeline appears, with the possibility of choosing keyframes. 

By default, you get a 1-minute long timeframe. It can be adjusted by dragging the handles left and right of the timeline.

3. Choose the angle and the zoom level of the first keyframe with a mouse (or trackpad) and click on + Add keyframe. The separator becomes a plus, indicating that the first keyframe was saved.

4. Keep playing the video and when you're ready to choose another keyframe, stop the recording, change the angle, adjust the zoom, and add another keyframe.
Remember, you can change the angle and the zoom level in between every keyframe.

5. When you are happy with your highlight, adjust the settings on the right side of the screen; tag players, add a comment, and Save the highlight.

👉đŸģ Note that public matches can only have public highlights.

Once saved, the highlight will be seen on a thread on the right side. You'll see a tag Directed Highlight added, and it will start rendering (converting to the final version of the clip):

6. Once the rendering is finished, you'll be able to download (remember to refresh the page first), delete, or write a reply for the highlight by clicking on the three dots next to it:

When you click download, the highlight will start downloading as a file if using the Chrome browser.

🤚đŸģ Using Safari? You'll be prompted to allow the downloads, simply click Allow here:

The highlight will then start downloading as a file.

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