How to upload recordings:

The match will automatically upload when the camera is connected to the internet through the provided Ethernet cable (the white cable). Connect your camera with the Ethernet cable to a wall or to a router where you are sure there is internet, just like in the image displayed below.

If the connection was lost while you were saving the recording on the app, or if you have shut down the camera without saving, don't worry: the recording will be saved as a time stamp. You will need to manually press "Upload" on the recording in the recordings list:

Upload Status:

In order to see the status of your recordings, go to your recordings list on You can find it at the bottom left icon of your home page.

There are three status types:

1️⃣Ready for upload: Will begin uploading automatically as soon as connected to the internet via white Ethernet cable.

2️⃣Buffering: Will begin uploading momentarily

3️⃣Upload: Connection was lost when saving, please press upload manually and the recording will begin to upload. You can rename the recording once it has been posted to your page.

Once the recording uploads, you can see the progress as a percentage and a green line across the left square.

📧   You will receive an e-mail notification when:

  • Your recording has been uploaded and is being put through our robots.
  • Your recording has been rendered and you are able to watch the interactive view while the game is being processed through our detector.
  • Your recording with player and ball detection is available for editing and download.

Stuck Upload:

If you can see the recording on the recordings list (, but the upload won't start, or it is stuck, follow the following steps:

1. Ensure that there is an internet connection in the primary source (where you've connected the ethernet cable).  

👉 How?
Connect the same cable to your computer (or laptop) instead of the Veo camera. Now switch off the wifi on your computer, and then try to access any website in your browser: if it works, it means there is internet connection. If not, you need to plug the ethernet cable in another internet source.

2. Check the recordings list. If the connection was lost while saving, the recording would appear as a timestamp (e.g., 20140101000618), and it won't upload automatically. Press "Upload" manually:

3. Still unlucky? Restart your camera, while it's connected to the internet via ethernet cable.
👉 How?
Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Then wait 1 minute and turn it on again. The upload should start.

4. Check the upload speed of your internet here:  SPEED TEST
Make sure that you have sufficient upload speed (20Mbps) as well as an internet connection from the primary source. 

If the upload still does not start, contact us via

Upload Duration:

Since the upload of the recording happens via internet connection with the Ethernet cable, the upload's speed and the duration of uploading heavily depends on the internet connection you are using. Note that internet speed can vary, due to a variety of reasons, so connection might not be stable all the time.


A 90 min match with the upload speed of 20 Mbps will take approximately 1,5 - 2 hours to upload completely. 

Make sure that you have sufficient upload speed (20Mbps) and an internet connection from the primary source. Check your upload speed here: Upload of an average 90 min match with the upload speed of 20 Mbps will take approximately 1,5 - 2 hours.

Recordings List:

The recordings list shows the status of your recordings. You can begin the upload, rename, or delete your recordings. Deleting a recording in the App will not remove the recording from the Veo Cloud.
If the recording has successfully been uploaded, it will automatically disappear from the rerecording list and be removed from the camera's storage. 

To check the status of your uploads click the button below. 

Finish and save the Recording:

Once you are about to finish the recording or have completed the recording of your match, follow these steps: 👇

  • Reconnect to the camera.
  • Refresh the home screen (
  • Press the red recording button.
  • Choose whether to save or delete the recording.
  • Name your recording.
  • Press save.

✅ You should see a green confirmation ribbon atop of your screen
✅ You can see the status of the recording in the recordings list.

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