Here at Veo, we wanted to give you the possibility to show your great skills in your own, customisable profile page. Watch and read on for more details on how to create your profile and choose the moments worth sharing.

Create your own profile

1. Log in to your Veo account at
2. Click the menu in the upper right corner
3. Click "Profile Settings":

4. Profile settings page will open. This is where you write information about yourself, which will show on your page. Add bio, birthday, nationality, preferred foot, preferred jersey number, favourite position, and the username:

5. Click Save when you're done:

6. Once you save the profile, your URL is generated as well as a direct link to your profile:

You can also access your profile from the menu, with clicking on "My profile":

7. At first, the profile will be empty. How to showcase your favourite highlights to it?
On your home page at, there's tab "Mentions", where all of your highlights (the ones you are tagged in) appear:

8. When you find one you'd like to show on your profile, click the three dots next to it and click on "Add to my showcase":

9. That's it! It has now been added to your profile:

You can always add more highlights to your profile or edit your initial settings.

We hope you'll enjoy this feature, and feel free to reach out to with questions and feedback.

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