Create highlights and conversations

We made it easier for you to give feedback to your talents and create a conversation around what is happening on the pitch. The main improvements:

  • Tag multiple players
  • Reply to an existent highlight
  • Possibility to edit an existent highlight
  • Easier control of the handles to set the exact time of the highlight (by default it's marked 15 seconds before and after the determined point and you're able to extend it up to 1 minute)

Suggested automatic highlights

A re-written event detector detects goals and half times for you. Those are machine predictions and you're able to accept, reject and edit (adjust the time) it:

Team management

With the admin (on a club or team level) rights, you're able to set and change the permission roles now:

Permission roles are all valid on a team level.

Admin: Team admins can edit recordings, add or edit highlights. They can also edit the team information and add or remove team members.

Editor: Editors can edit recordings, add or edit highlights.

Viewer: Viewers have access to the team's recordings, however, they're not able to edit the recordings.

Keyboard shortcuts in Veo video player

H - Create highlight
F - Fullscreen
Space - Pause
← → (left and right arrow) - 5 seconds jump (back/forward)
↑ ↓ (up and down arrow) - jump to previous/next highlight

We hope you'll be enjoying the newest improvements, and we will be more than happy to hear your feedback, feel free to reach out to

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