In this article, you can learn how to download matches and highlights from the Veo platform.

You can download the follow-cam (broadcast) view of the match as well as each individual highlight.

Please note that you can't download a practice session since this isn't available in the follow-cam but only in panoramic and interactive view. It is not possible to download Draw on Screen highlights either.

Download a match in follow-cam view

1. Log in to

2. Choose which match you wish to download

3. Click on the Download button above the video player

  • Using Chrome? The match will start downloading as a file as soon as you click Download.

  • Using Safari? You'll be prompted to allow the downloads, simply click Allow here:

The match will then start downloading as a file.

A match can also be downloaded as follows:

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video player

2. Choose Download

From here, the process is similar to the one described above.

Download a highlight

1. Log in to

2. Choose which highlight you wish to download

3. Click on the three dots 

4. Choose Download 

As for downloading matches, you will first need to choose Allow when using Safari when downloading highlights.

The highlight will then start downloading as a file.

Please note that it is not possible to download the panoramic view or all the highlights at once yet. We are working towards releasing a downloadable condensed video, playing all the marked highlights.

Download all highlights

1. Log in to

2. Click on the three dots

3. Click on download all (zip)

The ZIP file will instantly begin downloading. The title of the file includes the match title to make it easier to recognize when browsing through your match files:

Once downloaded, double-click the ZIP file:

You will now see the downloaded highlights as separate video clips in the ZIP files:

The highlights are named with a – chronologically sorted – number in the front, the timestamp of the highlight in the recording, and then the highlight tags.

This format of the titles enables you to gain a quick overview of the downloaded highlights.

Having trouble downloading a match or highlight?

We have gathered some of the most frequent reasons causing the inability to download either a match or highlight.

The match can't be downloaded

Here are some of the most common reasons a match can't be downloaded:

  • Your account does not have sufficient permission rights to download the match. In order to download a match, you need to be either an admin or editor.

  • The match was shared by a link. When matches are shared via link, the download option does not appear when clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video player. In such a case, you need to enter full screen, click on the three dots in the bottom right corner, and choose Download – please note that this can only be done in the Chrome browser:

If using Safari, you can download the recording shared to you via link by entering full screen, right clicking, and choosing Download video.

The highlight can't be downloaded

Here are some of the most common reasons a highlight can't be downloaded:

  • After the highlight is created or saved (if automatic) it needs some time to become downloadable. Normally, it takes seconds or minutes, however, it might take a bit longer in peak times (during weekends). Refreshing the page might help!

Why is this? When you create a highlight, imagine a new video clip creates which needs to be processed to become downloadable. This process uses the same infrastructure as video processing, but highlights have the lowest priority. That affects the highlight processing in peak times.

  • To download an automatic highlight, it needs to be saved first:

  • The highlight includes drawing(s). This type of highlight is not downloadable. Instead, you can choose to create a new highlight at the same time, but without the drawing(s) – this highlight will be downloadable.

  • The highlight has a duration of zero seconds. Half start/Half end highlights are an example of those.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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