In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about recording – from start to finish.

Before recording

Prior to starting recording, always check that:

  • The camera is sufficiently charged and there is storage space on the camera. You can see these in the camera settings page at

  • Lenses are cleared off from smudges and scratches that may affect the camera resolution (use a soft cloth to clean them).

Required conditions

Help the detector provide you with the best possible quality recordings by ensuring that the following conditions are met:

✔️The sun is behind the camera
✔️No other action with the ball nearby the pitch recorded
✔️All 4 corners of the pitch are visible on the preview (ideally marked with corner flags or cones)
✔️The camera is placed at the centerline of the field, 3-4 meters behind the sideline
✔️The pitch is well- and evenly lit

🤚🏻 If recording in very hot environments, place the camera in the shadow, if possible; if the internal temperature of the camera exceeds 65° C, it will turn off.

If you would like to learn more about setting up for recording, please feel free to have a look at the article below:

Set up & record

Once you have taken care of the requirements above, please follow the instructions below to get started recording:

1. Attach the camera to the tripod and turn it on.

2. Raise up the tripod to its highest position. (If using a stadium mount, make sure the camera is not tilted but level.)

3. On your smartphone, connect to the WiFi VEOCAM-xxx. The WiFi password is written on the bottom of the camera.

4. In your browser, go to You will see a preview of what the camera is capturing. Ensure that all corners are visible and that the center-line can be seen touching the near sideline on both previews.

5. Start recording by pressing the red button in the bottom centre of the screen. It will buffer for up to 10 seconds while the timer starts counting and the recording is started.

If there are any issues, a prompt will appear to tell you that something went wrong.

6. Once the recording is started, you are free to disconnect from the camera's WiFi until you wish to stop the recording.

How do I check if the camera is recording?

If the timer is counting with no prompt, your recording has started and will continue to record until you reconnect to the camera and stop the recording.

👉 How to be extra sure that the camera is in fact recording? Go to Camera settings and as you refresh the page the MB in the storage space should increase. 

Stop and save your recording

When you wish to stop and save the recording, please follow the steps below:

1. Reconnect to the camera

2. Refresh the home screen (

3. Press the red recording button.

4. Name your recording and save it.

5. You will get a green confirmation ribbon atop of your screen. You will also be able to see the status of the recording in the recordings list.

👉🏻 Unable to connect to the camera to stop the recording? No worries!

Simply turn off the camera and the recording will be saved as a timestamp. You will then be able to name the recording after uploading it.

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