You can give your recording the title, set it to public or private, assign it to a team, add the opponent club name and some basic information about the match in the setting section at 

To access settings of the recording, navigate to and click on it (or click on a direct link from the email or if the recording was shared with you). Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the video player and click "Edit":

The settings window will open:

1. Change the title of the match
You can change the title of the match anytime. This is especially handy if the connection while saving was lost and your recording got saved as a timestamp.

2. Adjust the privacy
Public means that everybody with Veo login can access the recording. You're able to share URL link also to those, who do not have a login to the Veo platform.
Private means that only members of your club (those who have access granted) can access the recording.

3. Delete recording
You can delete recording if you don't need it by choosing the Delete option in the three dots menu.

4. Assign the recording to the team
By choosing the team under "Your team" you assign the match to that team. Players of that team will be able to see it.
You can also add the opponent club name in the field below.

5. Match info
Adjust the Home/Away settings or the date and time of the match, if necessary.

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