In this article you can learn how to do edit a recording to do the following:

  • Rename the title of your recording

  • Set the privacy of your recording

  • Assign the recording to a team in your club

  • Add the opponent club name

  • Add basic match Information

Here's how to do it

Navigate to and choose the recording you wish to edit.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video player and choose Edit:

From here, you will be taken to the Edit match page and can do the following:

Change the title of the match

You can change the title of the match anytime. This is especially handy if the connection was lost while saving and your recording was saved as a timestamp.

Adjust the privacy

Public means that everyone with a Veo login can access the recording. Making a recording public will also make you able to share the URL-link with those who do not have a login to the Veo platform.
Private means that only members of your club (those who have access granted) can access the recording. If the recording is assigned to a team, only the members of this team – besides Club Admins – will have access.

Assign the recording to a team

You can assign the recording to a specific team by choosing the team in the drop-down menu from Your team. The members of this team will now be able to watch the recording.

You can also add the opponent team name in the field below.

👉đŸģ Please note that assigning recordings to a team is only possible for administrators in the club (Club, Coach, Player, and Other Admins).

Match info

You can choose whether the match was played at home or away and set the date and time of the match, if necessary.

Delete recording

If you are an administrator or a coach of your club, you can choose to delete the recording. Simply click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video player and choose Delete.

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