We've created tools to unlock the potential of your players by telling them what they did great and where there's room for improvement. Learn how to mark highlights in Veo platform and the capabilities of involving your players in the analysis process.

Automatic highlights

Veo automatically marks goals and half-times as a highlight. You can Save or Delete the automatically detected highlight:

Create own highlights and conversations

You can mark your highlights as well.

Click "New Highlight" next to the video of the match or use keyboard shortcut H.

Create highlight form will appear:

Choose the type of the highlight, add tags, tag a player(s), write a comment and decide whether you want the highlight to be private to the team.

Click Create and the highlight will appear next to the video of the match.

Create a conversation and feedback loop

With a powerful new feature that allows your team members to reply to the highlight, we give you the possibility for better and more effective analysis, especially for giving feedback to your talents. As soon as the highlight is created, a Reply option will appear in the three dots menu:

We hope you enjoyed the video, and feel free to reach out to support@veo.co with questions and feedback.

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