There are 3 different roles that a Veo member can have: administrator, coach, and player. 

Administrator: Club's administrator can see all the teams and has access to all the recordings. One club can have multiple administrators. 

We have introduced permission roles - those function on a team level, and this is how the system works. Each coach and player get assigned a permission role - admin, editor or viewer:

Admin: Team admins can edit recordings, add or edit highlights. They can also edit the team information and add or remove team members.

Editor: Editors can edit recordings, add or edit highlights.

Viewer: Viewers have access to the team's recordings, however, they're not able to edit the recordings.

Here is an overview with all the possible combinations and their set of permissions:

* Camera groups are a concept we use in Veo to make sure multiple people can record using the same camera or cameras. All recordings from a camera in a camera group are automatically available for all the group's members. All club administrators and coaches are automatically added to the camera group. However, it is possible to be a member of a camera group without being a club administrator or the coach (reach out to if you'd like to add more).

** When the match is assigned to the team of the team member.

*** When you/team member is the original creator.

To delete teams, follow the steps here: How do I delete a team?
To remove members, follow the instructions here: How do I remove a player?

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