There are 3 different roles that a Veo user can have: administrator, coach, and player.

Here's everything you need to know about the different roles: 

Club Administrator

Club's administrator can see all the teams and has access to all the recordings.

One club can have multiple administrators. 

Team level permission roles

We have introduced permission roles - these function on a team level, and this is how the system works. Each coach and player gets assigned a permission role - admin, editor or viewer:


Team admins can edit recordings, add, or edit highlights. They can also edit the team information and add or remove team members.


Editors can edit recordings, add, or edit highlights.


Viewers have access to the team's recordings, however, they're not able to edit the recordings nor highlights.

Here is an overview of all the possible combinations and their set of permissions:

* When the match is assigned to the team of the team member.

** When you/team member is the original creator.

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