Veo is a complete and affordable solution that helps football clubs, both big and small, record and analyse their matches and training sessions, eliminating the need for a cameraman.

Veo is a 180° camera that captures the full football pitch. It is powered by highly intelligent software that uses AI-technology to recognise the action and creates automatic broadcasts of your football matches. 

As a result, you will be able to watch your recordings in up to 4 different views on our Veo platform:

Broadcast view (FollowCam): We create a video that automatically follows the ball. It zooms and pans depending on the ball position. This is the view you know from watching TV.

Interactive view: Watch your match from any angle. Use the mouse to change the angle or zoom in to see a specific play in detail.

Panoramic view: See the entire pitch in one shot.

Tactical view: Zoomed out broadcast view for more pitch visibility.

We’ve also developed simple and easy tools for adding your analysis to the recording. Our system will automatically detect all goals as highlights, but we also give you the freedom to add your own highlights, tag players and write comments for them. 

With team management, it’s easy to keep your Veo account organised. Create different teams and invite players and coaches to join the team for further sharing of highlights and comments.

To order your own Veo camera, click here for EU or here for US

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