Learn how to create teams and invite members to your Veo universe in the platform. In this video, you will also learn how to assign the recording to a specific team.

Follow these simple steps to create teams and invite your players.

Create your new team

Create a team by clicking on the button "Add new team":

Type your team name, club and gender to create the team:

Invite team members

Invite a team member by clicking the button

In every team you create, you'll see the "Add new member" button. Click there and invite a team member, choosing their role and permission role (read more about those further down):

How can I add an additional club administrator?

At the moment, you'll need to contact support@veo.co and we will create an account for them.

Permission roles

Permission roles further define the possibilities for each role of a team member. Permission roles are all valid on a team level.


Team admins can edit recordings, add or edit highlights. They can also edit the team information and add or remove team members.


Editors can edit recordings, add or edit highlights.


Viewers have access to the team's recordings, however, they're not able to edit the recordings.

Full overview:

* Camera groups are a concept we use in Veo to make sure multiple people can record using the same camera or cameras. All recordings from a camera in a camera group are automatically available for all the group's members. All club administrators and coaches are automatically added to the camera group. However, it is possible to be a member of a camera group without being a club administrator or the coach (reach out to support@veo.co if you'd like to add more).

** When the match is assigned to the team of the team member.

*** When you/team member is the original creator.

To delete teams, follow the steps here: How do I delete a team?
To remove members, follow the instructions here: How do I remove a player?

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