To see the status of your recordings, go to your recordings list, the bottom left icon on your home page.

  • Ready for upload: Will begin uploading automatically as soon as connected to the internet through the Ethernet cable.
  • Buffering: Will begin uploading momentarily
  • Upload: Connection was lost when saving, please press upload and the recording will begin to upload. You will be able rename the recording once its been posted to your page.

Once uploading you will see the progress as a percentage and a green line across the left square.

You will receive an email notifications when:

  • Your recording has been uploaded and is being put through our robots.
  • Your recording has been rendered and you are able to watch the interactive view while the game is being processed through our detector.
  • Your recording with player and ball detection is available for editing and download.

Are you experiencing difficulties with uploading? Navigate here for more advice: The recording will not upload. What can I do?

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