After you've arrived and set up the camera, the next step is to connect to the camera and start the recording. For information on how to connect to the camera click here: Connecting to the camera.

Once connected search in your browser on your smart phone or tablet.
On the home page of the Veo camera app you will see a preview of what the camera is capturing. 

Please ensure all corners are visible and the center-line can be seen touching the near sideline on both previews.

Once confirmed you can press the red button in the bottom middle of the App
The screen will buffer for up to 10 seconds while the timer starts counting and the recording is started.

If there are any issues a prompt will appear to tell you there something went wrong.
For customer support please contact us via or via messenger bottom right of your screen.

How do I check if the camera is recording?

If the timer is counting with no prompt your recording has started and will continue to record until you reconnect to the camera and stop the recording.

👉 How to be extra sure that the camera is in fact recording? Go to Camera settings and as you refresh the page the MB in the storage space should increase. 

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