When you wish to record, monitor the progress of your uploads, or view the status of your camera, you will have to connect your mobile device to the WiFi signal of the camera.

Connecting your mobile device to the WiFi of the camera

Here's how to do it:

1. Turn on the camera. A green light will blink for a few seconds while booting and then become steady.

2. On your smartphone / tablet, open the WiFi settings and connect to the camera's WiFi VEOCAM-xxx (xxx will be the camera's serial number).
The WiFi password is written underneath the camera, if needed.

3. In your browser, go to http://cam.veo.co

4. You can now see a preview of what the camera is capturing, start/stop your recording, see the recordings list and the camera status (storage and battery)

If you would like to learn more about the camera web app, please have a look at the article:

👉đŸģ If the following message appears when connected to the camera's WiFi, always select Keep Trying Wi-Fi:

Having issues connecting to the camera's WiFi?

If you are experiencing issues connecting to the WiFi signal of the camera, please try following the steps below:

1. Please disable the mobile data on your phone

2. Go to the WiFi settings and look for the VEOCAM

3. Click on the VEOCAM WiFi and look for an option that says Forget network; choose this

4. Go back to WiFi networks and try to connect to the VEOCAM again

5. Open your browser and look for http://cam.veo.co

👉đŸģ If the above solution doesn't work, please try the following:

1. Put your phone in flight mode

2. Go to your WiFi networks and connect to the VEOCAM

3. Open your browser and look for http://cam.veo.co

Hopefully, this will allow you to connect to the WiFi of the camera.

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