Below is a video showing you how to activate your Veo account and register the camera. 

Activate your Veo account

Upon receiving your Veo camera, you have either received a "Welcome to Veo!" activation email or "Create your Veo account" creation email.

Option 1: I have received Welcome to Veo! activation email: 

Follow these steps to activate your Veo account:

1. Open the welcoming email (received from and click Activate Account link. Note that this link works only once.

2. Set your password and click Save.

3. Your Veo account is now activated!

Option 2: I have received Create your Veo account email: 

1. Open the email (received from and click JOIN VEO link. 

2. You will be able to create your account, password, your club and upload your club's logo:

3. Enter the information, accept the policies and click Join Veo. Your Veo account is now created and activated!

Didn’t receive the email? Check the spam folder in your email (activation email comes from If you still don't find it, contact us via

Register the camera to your Veo account

When you receive your camera:

  1. Turn on your Veo Camera.
  2. Charge the camera by plugging in the charger. We recommend charging the camera at least for 4 hours before recording.
  3. Connect your Veo camera with the provided Ethernet cable to a wall or router where you are sure there's the internet, just like in the image below:

👉 If you are not sure there is internet, try to connect the same cable to your computer (or laptop) instead of the Veo camera (note that you need to switch off the wifi on your computer or laptop to be able to verify the connection). Now try to access any website in your browser. If it works, it means there is an internet connection.

4. On your smartphone, connect to the WiFi: veocam-xxx

5. Find the password underneath the camera.

6. In your browser go to

7. Enter your login information that we sent you via email.

Once you have logged in, your camera will be registered to your account and is ready for recording. All recordings will now automatically be uploaded to you clubs page.
We recommend you to do a trial recording to get started.

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