Before starting your recording, there are some prerequisites you need to take into consideration. That will ensure you get the best possible recording.

Playing field

Our camera and software are developed for optimal results on 11 a side field.
We cover fields of all sizes as long as it has 4 corners.

General Setup

  • Lenses are cleared of from smudges and scratches

  • Camera is placed at the center line of the field

  • The sun in the background

  • All 4 corners are visible on the preview

🤚🏻 If recording in very hot environments, place the camera in the shadow, if possible; if the internal temperature of the camera exceeds 65° C, it will turn off.

3,8 Meter Tripod

  • Placed at center on level ground roughly 3-4 meters back from the sideline.

7 Meter Tripod

  • Placed at center on level ground roughly 5-6 meters back from the sideline

  • Attach wind stabilizing kit.

Stadium Mount Positioning

When attaching the camera at a stadium, to a light post or camera tower, it is important to note:

  • Be as close as possible to the center-line, within 5 meters. If this is not possible please use a tripod.

  • Ensure that all corners are captured using the in-app preview.

  • Ensure the camera is fastened and level.

You're all set! Start recording now:

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