We have big news for you! After being a “football camera” for more than four years, Veo is now ready to transit into a sports camera.

From the beginning of this company’s lifetime, we’ve known that one day we would expand from football to more sports. We’re looking forward to welcoming all the new sports to the world of AI-powered sports recordings and to our newly designed analysis platform.

Veo is a portable and affordable solution that enables different sports teams to record and analyse matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator.

Recently at Veo we launched 7 new sports. You’re now able to record the following sports (and their families) with your Veo camera: 

Our AI team worked on training our machines to recognise the ball and players in the above sports as well. This enables our customers to access the recordings in all views (broadcast view following the ball, panoramic view and 180-degree view) and use advanced editing features. 

Let us know which other sports and what kind of statistics & analytics would you be interested in capturing in the future. Write to us via support@veo.co or via messenger on the bottom right of Veo website

To read more about the new sports, please visit the following pages:

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