To watch your own recordings or any other public recording go to

Here you can watch all public matches in Standard Mode, and all your own matches in Advanced Mode as well as Standard Mode. 

Standard Mode

In standard mode you can watch the matches as regular video. To be able to mark your own highlights, you need to log in.

Mark highlight
If you see something of special interest you can mark it on the timeline. Press "Mark Highlight" and you will be presented with some options:

  • Goal:
  • Halftime start:
  • Halftime end:
  • Highlight: Add your own short comment to the highlight

All highlights will be collected in a list under the video. Here you can also see all the highlights that other users has added.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you have some extra interactive options for watching matches. Since we originally recorded the full pitch, you will have the opportunity to take over control of the camera and view the action from the angle and zoom level of your choice.

Interactive View
This loads our interactive videoplayer. In this mode you will have the full freedom of directing the camera in the direction of your choice. Sometimes as a coach you would be interested in seeing how the rest of the team is lined up. That might not be captured in the normal video production, but now, you have the ability to get the most out of your recordings.

Useful mouse interactions:

  • Click and drag: Turn the camera in the direction of your choice
  • Scroll-wheel: By scrolling in and out you can find the zoom level you'll prefer

When you are finished using your own alternative direction it falls back to the automatic video production.

Panorama View
This view gives you the possibility to watch the full pitch in a panoramic view. This can be very helpful when looking for specific plays.

Grid View

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